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“They say the only one who really likes change is a wet baby” says career coach Phyllis Mufson.


Why? We as human beings are creatures of habit. Changes move us out of our comfort zone and we do not like having that! Change, depending on how it is perceived, can present various degrees of stress, anxiety and fears. But fear not – we are here to help you recognise the types of fear that you can experience and learn what you can do about them!


A quick riddle for you – What does going to the dentist, getting a divorced and moving a house have in common? All of these are apparently less painful than changing jobs.  


Let’s unpack what we are afraid of:


  1. Fear of change – we love our routine and we need it for our everyday life (having a routine decreases the number of decisions we need to make every day thus giving us more space to make other life critical decisions).
  2. Fear of the unknown – I want to know it all. Well, you can’t.
  3. Impostor syndrome – self-doubt is part of life, but if left unmanaged it can be detrimental to your career.
  4. Fear of failure: fake it till you make (and also watch this TED talk).
  5. Fear of loss – your parking space is now going to Janet from accounting! Joking aside – by changing jobs you may need to compromise on various perks of your current job – you might need to lower your salary expectations, you may lose your works friends and certain perks of your job – don’t let vanity perks influence decisions about your career.
  6. Fear of upsetting others – if you are not used to putting yourself first you might struggle giving in your notice. The fear of upsetting others can really bound what you do.
  7. Fear of leaving your comfort zone- ‘nuf said: 



What can you do about your fears?


  • Being aware of your fears is one step closer to overcoming them!
  • Relive your achievements – you are likely to have achieved some amazing things!
  • Read a lot – knowledge is power!
  • Hire a guide – career professional can really help you if you are in a pickle.
  • Allocate worry time – do not let your fears consume your day. Allocate a period in your schedule when you worry. Then when the time is up. Stop. This technique will do wonders to you productivity.
  • Stay positive – fear can come from catastrophising. Try managing your fear and anxiety by changing your perception of the change.