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Back in 2015, we posted a poll asking the question – ‘What’s your dream industry?’. Well, the results were very interesting. Take a look at the original article below.

 Private Equity, a well known post-consulting haven, came out on top with 24.3% of the votes. Hot on its heels and perhaps more unusual, however, was the desire to work for a Start-up, voted for by 20.3%.

Ecommerce & Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Technology came further behind, with ~10% of respondents voting for these industries each.


Industry preferences represented on a pie chart


It seems then that start-ups are not only disrupting industry products/services, but employment trends also. We’ve seen a similar pattern when it comes to candidates on our site – our largest industry preference is Private Equity at 38%, and again, start-ups fall into second place at 31%.