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Bethan is a manager in retail space planning for Waitrose – her team decides the best layout for all stores (big & small) with a view to drive sales, improve convenience and create a great shopping environment.

She is only four years into her career which started in management consulting. We hope her advice inspires your next move!


Where do you work?

Waitrose, Retail.

Where did you start your career?

OC&C, Strategy Consulting. Before that I studied at Oxford.

How long did you stay in that job?

3 years

How many years into your career are you?

4 years

How many hours a week do you work (on average)?

55 hours

Who do you report into?

Head of Retail Planning

Why did you decide to leave your previous job?

To improve my work-life balance and to work outside of central London (and avoid the commute!).

What are the best bits about your current job?

Being able to significantly and quickly impact the space planning principles for Waitrose branches and see the results (in the store and in terms of sales and customer satisfaction) almost immediately.

How does your experience from your previous job, help you in your new role?

My management consulting experience is essential. I use the skills from my previous job every day – they allow me to think strategically and commercially. Also, it is this experience that gives me the ‘permission’ at a younger age to be relatively senior.

Where do you see yourself at the height of your career?

Head of a Business Unit within a Retailer

What advice do you have for talented young people building their career?

Invest the time early and get as much experience as you can quickly. This gives you the right to do a lot more interesting things earlier in your career and take on more senior roles sooner.

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