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Movemeon’s Inspiring Interviews relate stories from members who have found jobs through Movemeon. They answer a few questions about their career and career progression. All ex-top tier consultants (and some still are), every one of them with a fascinating story to tell and thoughtful insights to share. Sort of like a consulting ‘before-and-after’, just a bit more playful.

Company: Leading FMCG company

What’s your current job title and what do you do?

Commercial Strategy Manager at a leading FMCG company.
My role focuses on maximising the net revenue we make on the products we sell, primarily focused on the grocery market. It’s a mixture of recommending the right prices, promotions and products for our customers and the consumer, including identifying potential gaps in the market for new products.
With the changing world of grocery, each day is different. And it’s fantastic to see my recommendations followed through in store.

In the capacity-building side of my role, I help train these civil servants in the basic management consulting toolkit, which will allow the delivery unit to eventually function independently from consulting support. However, I am also accountable for making sure things get done. So on any given day, I might be coaching a member of the delivery unit, leading a meeting with a permanent secretary, interviewing private sector companies or leading development of a report deck for our next stocktake meeting with the head of state. No two days look the same.

How many hours a week do you work on average?

An average week is about 40hrs…I tend to be out the office on my bike between 5- 6 pm, although the occasional project might take up a bit more time. It’s also incredibly flexible, with the option to work from home or balance hours with external commitments. We also check in each week on our “work/life balance” – it’s incredibly supportive.

Why did you decide to leave your previous job?

The attraction of this role was incredibly hard to pass up on, and the location of my old job meant I was permanently based several hours away from friends and family, so it made sense to move closer to them.

What are the best bits about your current job?

The people I work with, plus the variety and the intellectual challenge that comes with it, which means I’m constantly learning and developing.

On top of that, I get to work on some of the leading brands in the UK, so I can see my work have a real impact on the people around me.

What’s the best career-building decision you ever made? And what’s your one biggest regret?

Going into consultancy was definitely the best decision because it’s led to where I am now. Even if you don’t want to be a life consultant, it’s a brilliant foundation for any future career…Both from a learning and a people perspective.

My biggest regret…possibly deliberating a lot over career decisions. It makes sense to look before your leap, but definitely worth trusting your gut and not having fear of the unknown. If exciting opportunities present themselves, grab them! Saying that everything has still worked out really well.

What’s the best work perk you’ve come across?

The free lunches and fancy dinners that the consulting lifestyle brings are definitely nice! But the biggest perk is definitely working in an organisation that’s both fulfilling from a work perspective and allows for fulfilment outside of work. That and the free products!

Where’s the most interesting place your work has taken you?

From a geographical perspective, Moscow… I was able to visit at the height of the trade sanctions and economic troubles. It’s an incredibly beautiful and fascinating city.

From a working environment perspective… all the various food processing plants I’ve visited. The complexity that goes into putting food on the shelves of Supermarkets is astounding.

What’s your favourite song to work to (if any)?

I don’t tend to listen to music at work, but my manager occasionally hums Bieber songs!

What one piece of career advice has stuck with you?

I’m going to go with two, rather than one.

  • You are the person who’s in control of your career, so make sure you take it where you want it to go
  • You don’t always have to know all the answers. Knowing how to get to the best answer can be much more valuable… if you can seek out and integrate the right contributions from others, you can facilitate an even better answer than the one you’d have achieved on your own.
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