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Movemeon’s Inspiring Interviews relate stories from members who have found jobs through Movemeon. They answer a few questions about their career and career progression. All ex-top tier consultants (and some still are), every one of them with a fascinating story to tell and thoughtful insights to share. Sort of like a consulting ‘before-and-after’, just a bit more playful.

Author: Robbie Matthews

Company: Adjust Your Set

What’s your current job title and what do you do?

Senior Product Manager. I work with a team of designers and developers to develop both custom tech platforms for our clients as well as our native advertising distribution platform. This involves things like defining the features and managing the delivery of our custom tech builds or constantly refining the upcoming roadmap and backlog for our ad distribution platform.

How many hours a week do you work on average?

Can be pretty varied… if sprints [set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review] are on schedule, life is good! If not, can be fairly busy in order to meet release schedules.

Why did you decide to leave your previous job?

I worked at a typical, large corporation post university and now at a great company I wasn’t aware of, and which I’m still discovering, but it’s definitely the type of environment and place I want to work in. The move meant I could experience working in industry and at a much smaller, less ‘red-taped’, firm.

What are the best bits about your current job?

The developer team at my job are great. Very intelligent, funny people so it’s brilliant to work with them regularly. Also, software product management specifically was the area I wanted to begin working in more as opposed to a broader consulting position so it’s been great simply being able to focus on that.

What’s the best career building decision you ever made? And what’s your one biggest regret?

Not sure it’s “career-building” as such but in terms of growing up and learning a bit about myself, working in Shanghai definitely took me out of my diapers in the working world! It’s a fabulously ridiculous place work-wise with a different culture and way to go about things. Dealing with the chaos and working practices there was tough at times but a lot of fun. Also, has meant my karaoke skills are now off the charts.

What’s the best work perk you’ve come across?

Whilst working in strategy consulting, my client was a global drinks manufacturer who at the top of their office had a heavily discounted bar. I must have grown 3 or 4 double chins on that project! My girlfriend was furious.

Where’s the most interesting place your work has taken you?

As I said, Shanghai was brilliant. Aside from that, I was fortunate to go to New York to deliver work I had been previously doing at a client in the UK but to mimic for their US operations. Not as culturally stimulating as China but a great experience to have had nonetheless.

What’s your favourite song to work to (if any)?

Led Zeppelin’s self-titled first album I’m listening to a lot at the moment, maybe I Can’t Quit You Babe. If I’m working in Excel, I like some sort of dance music to balance out the excel nerd in me with some hardcore rave culture.

What one piece of career advice has stuck with you?

After leaving uni I really hadn’t got it all planned out and my old colleague simply said, ‘keep hunting and stay smiling’ which I thought was a nice approach.

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