7 ways to improve your business

7 ways to improve your business

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As we approach the halfway point of the year, Dianne Abonita who works for a moving company kindly gave us some advice on ways to improve a business in 7 different steps. 

Regardless of whether you’re handling a service-based business for years or just recently, you need to gradually improve. You need to assess what you’re doing wrong and become better with it. To give you an idea of how your business can improve this year, make use of the tips below

Focus on communication

There’s no such thing as over-communication. Since your services are your selling point, you need to make sure that your customers are informed of everything that’s going on once they avail of your services. If you’re a moving company for business, you need to inform your customer when and how the move will take place. If you own a website which provides employment to freelancers by connecting them to employers, you should provide information about the processes which the parties are expected to follow. When you maintain communication in your business, your customers will find it easy to work with you.

Add value by bundling services

One of the struggles a service-based business have is proving to customers that what they’re getting is worth the money. Customers will think that if they pay cheap, they will experience cheap services as well. Ask them to pay more and they’ll also expect more from your business. Instead of lowering your prices, create a bundle from the services most of your customers use. A 2-days free shipping and free product returns and exchange after purchasing an item might work well for online sellers. If you’re a moving company, you can consider having a bundled service which offers packing, storage, and transportation during a move.

Market to existing customers

When you’re a business owner, you should never aim for a one-time purchase from your customers; you should strive to create professional relationships with your customers. This is one way of making sure that your customers will stay loyal to your business over time. You should always continue to market your services to your existing customers. Let them know about your new offerings through e-mail, direct mail, and social interaction. Do this all year-round if possible. Remember that maintaining relationships with existing customers are much easier and cheaper than creating new ones.

Find a way to differentiate

With the number of businesses opening almost every day, it’ll be hard to become different. For sure, there’s already a business which offers the same products and services as you. The solution? Always find a way to differentiate yourself. Don’t settle in having a “me too” personality. If the competition is providing customer service, ensure that yours is available 24/7 even during holidays and long breaks. If they utilize websites to sell, use apps which can be accessed from any gadget. Your unique offerings should also be the focal point of your marketing mediums. Let your customers know how your business is different!

Hire and train

Your business can never function without your employees. These people are at the forefront of your business. Whatever they do will significantly affect your business’ image. Before you let an employee work with a customer, make sure that he has undergone adequate training. If you think your current workforce need training on a specific topic such as customer service or hospitality, scout for workshops which can provide them with these. Training will ensure that everyone in the business is working towards achieving the same goal. It might cost your business money but your employees are your investment. Once they do well, your business will too.

Practice a unique culture

Most often than not, it’ll be hard for your service-based business to stand out even if you offer competitive prices and service bundles. These are things which the competition can easily copy. For your business to create a positive impression on your customers, practice a unique culture instead. If you own a call centre business, create a fun and family-centred environment. In this way, your employees will not be too exhausted to work in longer shifts because they’re actually having fun in what they’re doing. Your business culture plays a significant role as it can attract more customers – because everyone wants to work with a fun-loving business, right? It can become your leverage against the competitors, too.

In With The New

Getting into a business is never easy. Sure, you might own your time and don’t have any bosses but a business will require other things such as your dedication, perseverance, patience and flexible. All of these traits are important for your business to succeed in the long run. Additionally, you should also be open-minded to try out new ideas for your business. These ideas might be unconventional but you’ll never know how these can help your business. Always be a risk-taker so you can continually serve something new to your customers and competitors.


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