Why you simply must tailor your CV

Why you simply must tailor your CV

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Most job applicants don’t tailor their CV to every role role for which they apply. When a role/company is really popular, they receive such a large volume of applications that it’s essential to stand out – this is where tailored CVs become essential. Use the job description as your starting point, then pick a structure that shows off the relevant skills you have.

Be honest – when you’re applying for a job, do you tailor your CV for each application?

The honest answer for most candidates is “no“. However, 15 minutes spent tailoring your application to meet the exact needs (and even mirror the language) of the hiring company, is often necessary to get through to interview.

Interesting jobs with cool brands (be they global players or start-ups) – like those on Movemeon – are popular. They attract a lot of attention and applications. Applications from really bright, well-qualified people. Applications from people just like you. If you find the job exciting, you can be sure that lots of others do too.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

As a first step, it simply isn’t enough to send in your standard CV. It won’t stand out from the rest (possibly hundreds or maybe even thousands). Especially if you’re a professional services person (consulting, accounting, banking) doing a slight career change e.g., into a start-up or in-house business development. If that’s the case, all too often your CV will be that of a good consultant, accountant or banker – great if you’re applying for another job in that field. But not so great if you’re trying to make a switch.

So, take the time to read the job description thoroughly and note down the key skills and experiences they’re looking for. Tweak your CV to structure it around these key skills and experiences (provided you have them or, at least, most of them). That way, the employer can scan down your CV and quickly tick all their boxes. To them, you’ll be a natural fit with the role and stand a far better chance of having an interview.

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