Why join movemeon, even if you are not looking for a job?

Why join movemeon, even if you are not looking for a job?

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Last week I was having dinner with a friend currently working as a strategy consultant in London; he was relatively new to consulting, having only worked for his current firm for less than a year. I asked him what he thought about the movemeon site, he sipped his wine, fidgeted a fair bit and then with a slightly hesitant/embarrassed tone whispered ‘I’m not actually a member of movemeon’. Slightly confused, I asked him why on earth not and he said ‘I’m not really job hunting at the moment and don’t really see the point in being a member right now. Maybe next year when I might be a little more active it’ll make sense joining’.


After promptly unfriending him on Facebook, LinkedIn and all other forms of social media (not really), I got to thinking about what my friend had said and I started listing all the reasons why all strategy/operations professionals should be members of the movemeon site, whether they’re active/passive job seekers, content in their current role or completely new to the world of consulting.


Have a glimpse into the job market – without speaking to annoying recruitment gatekeepers


It doesn’t matter whether you’re actively job hunting or perfectly happy in your current role – every one of us now and again has a wondering thought about what other jobs we could be doing. Most of us ignore this as a passing thought without giving it too much attention (the mere thought of having to call a recruiter enough to kill that fleeting thought). Some of us might contact 2-3 recruiters to have a general ‘catch-up chat’ without seeking a specific job, with more active candidates directly contacting their wishlist of potential employers.


If you were members of the movemeon site, you would be able to scroll through a myriad of different opportunities, specifically targeted at strategy professionals. You can see what’s available and satisfy that inner voice saying maybe it’s time to stay/leave your current job. The fact is, when you take a call from a recruiter, the recruiter will have pigeon holed your profile according to what your most recent consulting projects were, or what your LinkedIn states; they pre-select what they think you’ll be most interested in. Wouldn’t you rather maintain that control and be able to see jobs across a variety of different sectors/functions?


I know I get really annoyed being hounded with headhunters e-mails pitching ‘an amazing opportunity to join a leading executive search firm’, even though I’ve left that world behind. I don’t blame them – my LinkedIn/CV points to someone who’d be a good fit for those kinds of roles – but it’s still annoying! Recruiters don’t know what your passions/interests are outside of work, so they may have already pre-screened out your dream job. Take back control, log in to movemeoni and have the power to browse all the jobs we have, not just the ones we think are right for you – who knows, your dream job may be sitting on the site right now…


Benchmark your skills/experience – what are you worth?


One of the questions my friend asked me during dinner was what kind of salary he could command if he was to switch to a corporate job (he’s on the cusp of making Manager). I said, if you were a member of movemeon, you’d be able to log in and see the salary ranges for a variety of different jobs at your level, whether it’s a seed stage start-up or a large corporate. You’d be able to benchmark where you are in terms of years of experience and opportunities in the market.


One of the major benefits of Movemeon is that we try to provide complete transparency. We ask clients to provide as much information as possible when posting onto the site – including information on location, salary ranges, years of experience sought and a detailed job description. So even if you’re not actively looking to move, you’re still able to log in and benchmark what you could be making/what kinds of roles would be in the market if you were to make a move in the near future.


Don’t let your dream job pass you by


The world of consulting is like a bubble –  once you enter the bubble your world revolves around client deliverables, hopping on planes and performance reviews. It’s only when you take a breath and think about leaving your peers to head into the job market that you find that the employers you’re interested in are not hiring and won’t be for some time. I can empathise: living in the Cambridge bubble for three years, finding a job was the last thing on my mind (in between all the society dinners & May Balls). It wasn’t until after my final exams I thought ‘I actually need to start speaking to some people about jobs’. The fact is, being aware of the job market as a strategy professional shouldn’t be something you only pick up when you become active in the market. It’s sensible to keep your eye on the market at all times – just in case your dream role at your dream employer pops up.


Remain flexible, weigh up the pros and cons of leaving slightly earlier than expected and then make an informed decision about whether you want to leave. With movemeon, you’ll be able to log in to your account at any time, anywhere in the world, and can have a quick browse of current permanent & freelance opportunities. There’s nothing worse than hearing you just missed out on your dream next move because you weren’t aware the employer was looking. The main advice I give to consultants about job hunting is that an informed job-seeker is a happy one! Or you could do what I did after Cambridge, which is grab a backpack and disappear to Cuba and Central America for a couple of months, a highly attractive, if not less productive (and expensive) option compared to finding your dream job!


We’re not recruiters


I should know, I used to be one! One of the main reasons I left the world of traditional recruitment behind is that I found everything to be formulaic and pretty insincere. You have a structure for every call:

  1. 1. Warm introduction
    2. Qualifying questions to learn about the candidate
    3. Non-work related discussion about topics of interest (to build rapport).
    4. Talk about some mutual contacts you might have (to prove your credibility)
    5. Talk about opportunities that could be a fit
    6. Warm close – ‘I look forward to staying in touch’


If you’re about to speak to a recruiter about strategy opportunities, I’m pretty sure your call will follow a similar script (if not re-ordered somewhat). Depressing, I know. The amount of non-job related inquires the movemeon team get is huge. What’s more staggering is the number of people I’ve spoken to now who’ve said ‘I had a general career chat/coffee with Rich/Nick/Thibault 1-2 years ago and it was really useful’. We’re always here if you need us, whatever you need. We’re just an e-mail or a call away – whether it’s grabbing a Friday beer or having a general chat about where you are in your career – we want to help. Movemeon really is more than just a ‘jobs board’ or ‘online recruitment platform’ – we’re a community for strategy professionals.


We hold really cool events


Awesome speakers, the chance to meet fellow freelance & permanent strategy professionals, cool venues – need I say more…? 


Movemeon is free


Always has been and always will be.



So there you go, if you’re a member already the above probably all makes sense. If you’re not a member, I’ll ask the same question I asked my friend – why on earth not?  You can sign up as a movemeon member here.


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