These 8 job search tips each take less than 1 minute

These 8 job search tips each take less than 1 minute

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Job searches can be daunting and time-consuming. Here are a few useful things that take less than 1 minute and that you can do now to make your job search  more efficient.

  1. ‘Google’ yourself. See what comes up and make sure you’re happy with the impression that it makes.
  2. Send your CV to a friend. Ask for their honest feedback.
  3. Identify what’s most important to you. Salary, location, working hours, size of company etc. A clear picture will define your job search.
  4. Make a short-list of ideal ‘target’ employers. Where would you love to work?
  5. Phone a friend/colleague. They may have a connection that can get you a foot in the door at your target employer.
  6. Visit the website of your target employer(s). See if they’re hiring.
  7. Check your facebook privacy settings. Make sure that prospective employers can only see the respectable stuff!
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