10 questions you must ask yourself before accepting a new job

10 questions you must ask yourself before accepting a new job

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Job offers – should you accept them? How soon?

In our recent post on getting an interviewer to like you, we reminded ourselves that “if you don’t get on with the interviewer, it’s worth reassessing whether your personality is a good fit for that company”. 

Not getting on with the interviewer is only one signal that this job might not be for you. Equally, even if you get on like a house on fire, there may be a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t take the job.

When you’re job hunting, getting an offer is exciting and it’s tempting to accept there and then. However, if you accept too fast, you could find yourself wanting to leave your new job within a matter of months (this recently happened to a friend of ours) – then you’ll need to start your job hunt all over again and it’s likely that live leads from a few months back will have now gone cold.

Remember that a job offer puts you in a position of power. The employer has shown that they want you and will, therefore, be willing to wait (a reasonable amount of time) while you make sure it’s the right move. If there’s another company that you’re dying to work for, get in touch with HR and tell them that you’ve been made an offer by a competitor. This often yields an instant interview. Take a look at our advice based on how to perform well in an interview. 

We recently read a great post detailing 20 questions that you should ask yourself before accepting a new job.

Here are our favourite questions:

  1. Do I have experience and/or connections that will put me in a better position for achieving my long-term career goals in the future? How long do I need to stay in order to gain these advantages?
  2. If this is a short-term career move, what is the purpose of it? Am I running away from something I DON’T want or running towards something I DO want?
  3. Does this position challenge my mental abilities?
  4. Will the company provide me with the necessary resources to be successful (and grow professionally)?
  5. Does this position utilise my talents and skills?
  6. Does the company culture appear to be in line with my values?
  7. Can I envision feeling at home with the other employees socially?
  8. Does my direct supervisor appear to be a supportive individual from whom I can learn?
  9. Is the work environment conducive to my own work style?
  10. Financially, will this job provide me with a desirable lifestyle? If not, does it have the potential to in the future?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, ask yourself – and your prospective employer if necessary – if there could be a solution. If there isn’t one, make sure you can put up with the problem before you sign. Otherwise, hold out for something that’s a better fit.

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