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Jobs for ex consultants can include a large variety of positions. There’s no doubt the world of startups is an attractive one. Sipping coffee whilst tapping away on the MacBook in Silicon Valley/Roundabout is just the start; the freedom and potential huge returns (not just financial!) of building the next big thing are the ultimate goal. There’s just one problem – it’s quite a risk.


Starting a startup, with just an idea or problem to solve, is risky. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially coming from a lucrative and fast-promoting career like consultancy. But it doesn’t have to be like that!


At movemeon, we’re seeing increasing numbers of roles to join the C-level of a start-up, a few years after the founders initially started the business. These are companies that have found their product-market fit, are growing fast and typically have some great investors (or high profitability) that are helping them hire more great people.


You ask any of the founders of these businesses what they’re looking for in the new Board member, and it’s always the same. We need someone to solve/fix a pretty juicy problem. The money is there to invest in solving the problem, and they/their investors are serious about bringing on someone with the skills to do so. So there’s no question; this role will be at the centre of the startup’s near-term future.


The potential upside is there too – at this stage, you’re going to be part of something big. So if it’s impact you’re after – this is the right place. Equally, financially, these companies are well aware they need to offer a good chunk of equity to get the best. So negotiate well, and have some clear ideas on what you think the future potential of the business is, and it might not be so hard to leave the lucrative salary behind!


If you’re thinking about making the jump into a more entrepreneurial path, have a look at what’s on movemeon at the moment: there’s a few to pick from!