Movemeon news – the top 9 jobs of the future

Movemeon news – the top 9 jobs of the future

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Talk of robots taking all our jobs is rife these days. But there are also more immediate threats to many roles. So this week we looked at positions predicted to remain important in the future:’s  list of ‘The top nine jobs of the future’.

The list includes healthcare professionals, data scientists, and marketing, communications and design. The future, luckily, retains a variety of roles. We were not surprised to see that freelancers, an emerging trend, were ranked #7.

Our favourite job of the future (after freelancer)? Cyber security expert – thanks to the recent ransomware attack, we can see the real need for this profession! Here’s what had to say about it:

Not only is Dublin a booming tech hub that more than 1,200 multinationals call home, but it also currently has the second highest share of cyber security roles advertised in the world, a recent Indeed study has found.

Speaking exclusively to, Indeed EMEA economist Mariano Mamertino said that “UK is in a good place for cyber roles, and is becoming more attractive for skilled workers, in particular, cross EU borders it is an attractive destination, and becoming even more attractive as a consequence of Brexit.

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