Movemeon News – Why these consulting sectors are more popular among graduates

Movemeon News – Why these consulting sectors are more popular among graduates

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Why do myths persist and what are the existing freelancing myths.

In recent months it seems as if many have suspected the consulting industry to be on the decline, although this statement is debatable, there are still sectors within consulting that remain to be demanding, an article by goes on to discuss why strategy and management sectors within consulting are so popular amongst graduates. Here are the best bits.

According to new data, strategy and management based roles in consulting seem to still be the most popular career paths to follow for recent graduates. However what attracts graduates to this industry? 

Statistics show that educational/science institutions follow in second. With the healthcare sector taking third. Data shows that students aiming to enter the consulting sector have higher grades than their peers. This could be due to the preconceptions that the consultant industry is a better-paid sector.

What consulting firms are doing to make the industry more appealing 

Project Manager at Universum, says that the high interest in consulting as of late has many reasons. “Particularly the high level of challenge,  breadth of assignments and steep learning curve serve as driving factors for the high popularity”  This has ultimately led to students picking this industry as the top sector. 

Consulting firms have also addressed more issues such as focusing on addressing the gender pay gap. By doing this they are more likely to attract top female talent. 

Although data shows that this is a sought after industry to go to, it’s not an easy career to enter. As there are only a limited amount of spaces available for certain firms. However, the fact that the industry is so competitive may come across as attractive to driven and intelligent students. 

Career Goals 

When researching students career goals, there are many patterns noted that can be easily linked to the consulting industry. As students who aspire to a consultancy career, are set on becoming a leader or manager and wish to be challenged more. 

In general, the sector of consulting is linked with a high degree of variety and is ranked as the best places to enter as a recent graduate. For graduates, there are many places to explore within the consulting industry. Large consultancy firms offer a wide range of career opportunities, ranging from internships to junior consultant vacancies. 


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