Our 28,000+ movemeon members commonly asked about pay. “How much can I expect for this job?” or “Which industries pay the best?” Many of the 1,800+ employers who partner with us to hire have similar questions – “What’s a reasonable package for this role?”

So, in December 2017, we analysed data from 34,945 responses to answer those questions and many more.

The full report is being compiled as we speak. It covers everything from pay by industry and by seniority, to pay composition by company type (i.e, % basic vs bonus vs equity) to differences in pay between men and women. 

Simply put, it will tell you what you can expect to be paid and also what you need to pay people.

If you are interested in receiving the full report in January, please register your interest below. In the meantime, here are a few of the immediate insights:

1. McKinsey, Bain & BCG are paid a premium even after consulting. 

At senior levels ‘in industry’, they are paid 59% more than people who trained at a management consultancy (e.g. the ‘Big 4’) and 30% more than alum of other strategy firms. (e.g. LEK, OC&G).

2. Leaving consulting is better for pay in the long run. 

Up to Manager level, consulting pay exceeds corporate and start-up pay; eclipsed only by private equity. However, senior level consultants are paid between 10-30% less than their peers ‘in industry’ – both corporates & start-ups – as the value of share options kicks in. This insight is available more in-depth here 

3. The gender pay gap is stark and needs closing. 

Not only are women paid between 13-30% less than men (depending on seniority), but their variable / discriminatory pay – i.e, annual pay rises and bonuses – significantly lag men’s too.

We look forward to sharing the detail with all those interested.

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