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Country Manager jobs are a popular post on movemeon. Lots of employers use movemeon to recruit into Country Manager (and City Manager, depending on the scale of the business) vacancies and they prove a great fit with the movemeon candidate community. These opportunities spring up in lots of countries all over the world and are a great fit for consultants or consulting alumni.

Typically, a growth company like Uber, TransferWise, Bima, GoCardless, Rocket Internet and Deliveroo is looking for their founding employee in a new market. The challenge is more often that not to execute what is already a successful product/service in foreign lands into a new setting. Country Managers head up the whole operation in their market and act as a country/regional CEO/General Manager. Responsibilities span everything from sales to marketing to operations and recruitment. It’s a fully rounded, hands-on, commercial role often with stringent targets and a well-developed playbook (start-up terminology for a business plan of attack developed on the experience of expanding into previous markets).

Consultants and alumni prove a perfect fit for these roles. Often, employers are looking for a combination of consulting and post-consulting (“industry”) experience. But sometimes solid consulting experience to Senior Manager level is sufficient.

Sometimes companies are looking for Country Managers with in-depth country experience and the relevant languages (i.e, in market hires). But more often than not they’re willing to relocate a candidate from further afield – especially if the candidate ticks all the right experience boxes and more.

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