7 reasons why you should join Movemeon

7 reasons why you should join Movemeon

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  1. We save you time.
  2. We’re transparent
  3. We aren’t gatekeepers
  4. We have lots of opportunities
  5. We hold exciting events
  6. We have great freelance roles
  7. We’re here for you

You’ve decided that the time has come to expand your horizons and secure yourself a challenging and exciting new role… but then the thought of contacting numerous recruitment agencies with their formulaic ‘banter’ and invitations for a catch up over a coffee brings you out in a cold-sweat and you decide to leave updating the CV for another day.  That’s where movemeon comes in.

Movemeon was founded by two strategy consultants who found recruitment agencies cold calls and trawling generalist job boards infuriating. Their vision was to get all the best jobs for consultants & alumni, qualified accountants & freelance consultants in one place, with none of the frustrations of agencies or job boards.  With our 28,000+ consultant & alumni community and the 1,700+ employers using movemeon, the vision has become a reality and here are the top reasons for using movemeon to get your new job.

We save you time

Who wants to spend their precious time at meetings with recruitment agencies, searching through job boards or screening numerous cold calls? With movemeon it’s simple. Your CV is screened by one of our in-house experts and then your membership is validated and you’ll immediately have access to all the roles on our platform.  You could probably do this in the time it takes you to boil a kettle. Once you have access to our platform, you will see all live jobs. We won’t waste your time by calling you about roles that could be right for you one-by-one.

To join our community, just complete this quick registration form.

Already a member? See all live roles here.

We’re transparent

Unlike recruitment agencies, we don’t keep the companies hiring on our site anonymous, so you’ll be able to decide straight away if the organisation is one you’d like to work for. Our platform also allows you to apply for the roles of your choice directly – we won’t get in your way. But if you have questions about an ongoing application, we are here to answer them.

We aren’t gatekeepers

Once you are a member of movemeon you can apply to any of the roles on the website and your application will be sent directly to the hiring manager.  We don’t screen applicants after the initial joining stage so you’ll have the ability to apply for your dream job without any obstacles.

We have lots of opportunities

We’re constantly growing and getting more and more opportunities on movemeon every week, so you are definitely in the right place for your job search!  On average, 22 new jobs are added to movemeon every week, and around 141 live opportunities available across the (ex-)consultant, freelance and accountant sectors. Popular roles on movemeon include strategy, general management, transformation, PE portfolio operations and much more. See our newest jobs here.

We hold exciting events

Members of movemeon who’ve attended one of our previous events find them motivational, useful and super interesting. Our fantastic speakers have a wide range of advice they are happy to share, often on their transitions from consulting to industries such as Private Equity and positions such as CEO.

Our events give the movemeon community a chance to meet like-minded professionals interested in anything from freelancing to strategy and start-ups.  We’ve had the CEO of Pizza Hut do a Q&A session on strategy, startup founders including Pockit, Trouva and LoveCrafts give advice on starting a business, as well as events focusing on boutique consulting and building socially impactful careers.  See our upcoming events here.

We have great freelance roles

There is a dedicated movemeon freelance website where you can find a range of interviews with freelancers, as well as tips on going freelance. We also hold quarterly freelance events, and with the range of freelance opportunities shared on movemeon every month, you can be confident in finding exciting opportunities to suit your lifestyle.

We’re here for you

If you have any questions about one of the roles on movemeon or need any advice simply send us an email and we’ll do our very best to help you out.


Featured movemeon opportunity:
Featured movemeon opportunity


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