From Movemeon to a fantastic first quarter: congratulations to Qin Su!

From Movemeon to a fantastic first quarter: congratulations to Qin Su!

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TotallyMoney used movemeon to hire an ex-consultant for a Commercial Manager role, and have written a case study of their hiring experience from Felicity’s HR point of view and Qin’s candidate point of view.

Before starting to work with movemeon, Felicity had had anxieties about the volume of admin and the time it would take to hire on movemeon, but movemeon’s service and product allayed all her concerns.

Qin considers movemeon a go-to place  for candidates – read more about why below.


TotallyMoney turned to movemeon to hire a Commercial Manager, and have written a case study of their hiring experience from Felicity’s HR point of view and Qin’s candidate point of view. Read on to see what movemeon has to offer both hiring manager and candidate.


Felicity’s story:

Earlier this year, when TotallyMoney needed to recruit a new Commercial Manager, I got in touch with MoveMeOn to get them involved.

We’ve had a good success rate working with MMO in the past and it goes without saying that their rate is far more competitive than working with a traditional recruiter. However, not having used the system before I was anxious that it would involve a lot of admin or time investment on our side to filter vast numbers of low-quality candidates. It turns out that I needn’t have worried.

Not only was our advert seen by 211 candidates, the quality of applicants coming through was high.  With an initial round of phone screening, we were quickly able to identify the candidates who were really interested in the role.

With more than five years’ consulting experience and a master’s degree from LBS, Qin made an immediate impression on us. As an added bonus, she is also a keen rock climber, a passion she shares with a number of our team here including our CCO. It was even more impressive when, having been injured on a climbing trip in between her first and second round interviews, she came back into the office to give her presentation on crutches! We should have known then, as we do now, that she is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been a fantastic addition to the team and we’re very grateful to MMO for the introduction.

Qin’s story:

After a few years of Consulting on digital and technology strategy in one of the big fours, I was looking for a change and new challenges. MoveMeOn has always been my go-to place as it lists so many interesting and challenging roles that are looking for ex-consultants. The application process was extremely straightforward and it was easy to track progress through the internal portal. The information listed about each role was spot on, making MMO a good platform to discover what I was looking for in my next job and get a good feel for the skills that would be valued by recruiters at my dream companies.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past three months at TotallyMoney. I was looking for a role with more P&L ownership and personal impact. In a dynamic and fast-paced place like TotallyMoney, the impact you can create within a short period is hugely rewarding. From the offset, I have been given a huge responsibility and was able to approach tasks as I wanted. I was introduced to key external partners from week one and started to drive commercial discussions a couple of weeks in.

Thanks to my incredibly collaborative colleagues who have been unreservedly supportive of me, I was able to close key commercial deals and report a revenue uplift through these initiatives in my third month. I feel empowered by the data-driven, experimental culture of the company to continuously push for improvement. Data underpins every decision and I’ve been encouraged to analyse and test different hypotheses and scenarios quickly to come up with better and more innovative solutions.  

Besides the interesting day to day challenges of the work, I also enjoyed the strategic element of the role. On the day I joined, TotallyMoney launched its Free Credit Report service. This is a step change in the company’s business model – a move towards building a deeper and more engaging relationship with customers. I have been closely involved from day one of launch in introducing this service to market as well as developing innovative joint propositions with our partners. 

The office is fun and friendly and our Thursday breakfast meeting is a highlight of the week; we hear interesting talks and presentations while being treated to a delicious breakfast by the company. And with many new challenges in the pipeline, I am looking forward to my next three months.



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