Movemeon News – 7 principles to turn consulting firms into digital transformers

Movemeon News – 7 principles to turn consulting firms into digital transformers

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The need to transform is apparent across all industry segments – including professional services.

In recent months, it has become apparent that the digital age is having an impact on consulting firms. An article by lists seven principles to undertake a digital transformation; here are the best bits. 

Put clients at the centre of your strategy

Make your clients aware of digital innovation and new products, doing this will show them that you’re dedicated to their cause.

Invest in digital skills

77 percent of firms say a lack of internal knowledge prevents them from becoming digital transformers. If you can invest in a digitally savvy team, then they can find ways to drive your innovation effectively.

Digitalise your entire firm

For a firm to fully advance digitally, it’s important for the whole business to be on board and willing to make the change.

Empower employees

Use the digital advancements to provide employees of a firm with real-time and useful data.

Implement the right business platform

Use people’s time efficiently, and billable resources, as well as minimising tasks such as time recording, reporting and invoicing with a sturdy enterprise resource planning system.

Use your data

Use data and analytics to your advance, by closely tracking this you’ll be able to adjust your goals and objectives, as well as pick up on new opportunities and trends in the market that you can capitalize on.

Build ‘digital’ into your strategy

Shape your business around digital advancements, and include this into your plans. By doing this it could shape your future, as well as create more relationships.

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