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As mentioned in an earlier post, movemeon is recruiting for 6 new roles in our team. Not only is the office is abuzz with Skype chats, various members of the team are also regularly disappearing from the office to meet candidates for first-round interviews. So it’s interesting to further reflect on what we learnt from our own recruiting – so we can keep disrupting the industry, and so we can hire the best people.


Here are a few notes for hiring managers. If you’d like to see the matching advice piece for candidates, you can find it by clicking here.


1. Streamline your process.


Generally when a team decides to hire it’s because they needed that person yesterday. Very few companies get ahead of their hiring curve. In order to hire the best people, quickly, you need a fast process. Don’t leave good candidates hanging – they will accept other offers. And even if they don’t, bad candidate experience can really damage your employer brand. Don’t make your process too long – decide on the minimum viable in order to make a good decision. Remember that probation periods are there to insure against poor performance once in role. And don’t forget to cost in YOUR TIME. If there are multiple touch points with multiple peripheral stakeholders, that’s an expensive process (as well as a slow one).


2. Prioritise recruitment.


Hiring for your team is not something that should be viewed as a side project. Good people underpin performance. And if you needed that person yesterday, then you are holding back performance if you don’t prioritise finding them. Hiring managers should invest time making sure that they are

  • pitching the role well (is the job description advertised engaging?)
  • screening candidates (often it’s impossible for recruitment to decide on the right shortlist)
  • and streamlining the process.

It might mean some short term pain (you have BAU in the background after all), but it will minimise your time out in the long run – via a process that concludes quickly, and by providing more capacity on your team sooner.


3. Stay flexible.


We are recruiting for multiple, reasonably similar roles. And even if the titles sound quite different, the underlying skills and nature are, to a large extent, the same. Thinking about the movemeon community, (ex-)consultants by definition have a hugely transferable skills set – strategy, insight, business development and operational roles can all suit. So when you are recruiting for multiple roles, you need to be vigilant across applications for ALL roles for the best applicants overall. It could just be that the 6 best candidates have all applied for the same 1 role, but could be interested in, and hired into, the 5 other roles. For more on large-volume hiring for similar roles, take a look at this article on the usefulness of a pipeline approach.


4. Test for attitude.


Someone can be super bright with great skills and experience, but if they lack the right (or a compatible) attitude, they will not perform in the role you want them to do. As interviews progress, be honest about the less glamorous parts of the job and stress test their comfort levels with those tasks. You need someone to do a great job, full stop – not simply be great at the bits they like doing at the expense of the equally business critical stuff they deprioritise.


Would you like more advice on hiring? You might like this article on when to close applications channels (for extremely popular roles). For all our advice on the topic, take a look at this page on our blog, showing you all our hiring tips.