Employers: Why exclusivity is better for you too!

Employers: Why exclusivity is better for you too!

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  1. Give your candidates a better experience
  2. A far easier process for you
  3. Save on fees
  4. Disrupt a traditional market

Let’s start with a disclaimer: it is of course in our interests that our partners don’t use recruitment agencies to hire for the same roles they share with our members. After all, we put lots of energy and effort into sharing our data and expertise to help our partners attract the very best talent. The thing is, we genuinely believe it’s in our partners’ and members’ interests too. Here’s why we think exclusivity is a good idea.

Give your candidates a better experience 

It’s an all-round better candidate experience if you’re not being approached from all angles. We’re all about keeping things simple at Movemeon.

A far easier process for you 

It’s much easier for the hiring manager to only have to deal with one channel – it saves time and energy, ultimately making the hiring process much more efficient for everyone involved. We ask for just two weeks exclusivity, as a head start: given the speed of our model, we’ll get you the majority of your candidates within a fortnight. You can then make an informed decision – that’s normally about the time you’ve agreed terms with an agency anyway!

Save oN fees

We work at a big discount to traditional recruitment agencies, so when our partners hire with us, they save money. Exclusivity means a higher chance that we’ll help you make a successful hire, and the more likely that is, the more likely it is that you will spend less. Win-win.

Disrupt a traditional market

We want to disrupt traditional recruitment. We don’t want candidate CVs being spammed, and cold calls going out left, right and centre. We’re pretty sure you don’t either. So give us a helping hand to get one-up on the competition, and help to improve the overall industry.


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