Freelance & Interim contracts: movemeon freelance report, early insights & full download

Freelance & Interim contracts: movemeon freelance report, early insights & full download

To answer some of the common questions (‘What’s the average day rate for an associate-level freelancer?’ ‘What are the most important parts of a freelance project brief?’), we’ve decided to publish an in-depth freelance report and guide.


Our report is now published. It answers common questions & provides data, tips and case studies for both employers and candidates. If you’d like to receive it, complete the form at the end of this article.


While you wait for it to land in your inbox, here are two early insights:


1. The growth of the market has been driven by an increase in the number of employers realising the potential of freelance hires.


At movemeon, we’ve seen a 189% increase in the number of employers looking to hire freelancers in any year. This is because employers in all industries now realise that freelance consultants are not only quicker to hire, but they can also bring the same skills and often even more expertise than permanent hires.


2. Speed is essential to employers looking to hire freelance/interim consultants


90% of candidates hired for freelance projects are available immediately. It is clear that employers are looking for speed as well as quality when they turn to freelancers – 83% of candidates hired also apply within one week of the project brief being shared.


For more insights, just request our full report:

If you are interested in finding out more about our service to employers, visit our employer page. 


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