What are the benefits of leaving consulting and moving in-house?

What are the benefits of leaving consulting and moving in-house?

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Management consultants often consider leaving the traditional consulting-firm life behind to take on a full-time industry position. However, many times, they don’t know what to expect from this move. While management consultants employed by a firm work with various organizations, using their expertise to offer solutions to improve a company’s performance, an industry job entails a full-time commitment to a single company. On the other hand. while consulting has benefits such as traveling, it also comes with long, sporadic hours, constant travel, and a potentially stressful work environment.

A while ago, Ex-Consultants Agency published an article about the benefits of moving in-house. These paragraphs really resonated with the team at movemeon


Better work/life balance

Ex-consultants who decide to move in-house tend to find a better work-life balance. This is because most non-consulting employers hold regular office hours. This gives industry workers an opportunity to work a regular schedule, and spend more time with family, make personal commitments and have more leisure time.

Greater ability to drive change

When consultants and management consultants are hired to advise on a new project, all of their time is dedicated to absorbing as much knowledge as possible to successfully complete a project. However, when consulting, you are only there to provide advice, not to see the end results. One of the biggest complaints of management consultants is that they do not get insight into the impact of their work. They can’t watch their efforts come to fruition and witness the changing effect of their work on the company, and what benefits arose from it.

In comparison, having a full-time position in-house gives you a greater ability to see the direct impact your work has on your organization. The stress you may feel when pressured to meet a deadline or complete a big project is all worth it once you witness the effects of your work and get that confirmation of a job well done. Equally, if things don’t end up going to plan, then you are there to solve the issue directly.”


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